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Wartime Memories

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Air Raid Shelter Metal Sign 30cm x 40cm

Air Raid Shelter Metal Sign measures 40cm x 30cm

ARP Calling You Poster 76cm x 50cm

ARP Calling You Poster 76cm x 50cm, Reproduction Poster printed on heavy coated matt paper. Authentic looking reproduction. An early recruitment poster for the ARP and a delightful illustration.

Brigadier Moustache

Self Adhesive Brigadier Moustache

Camouflage Swirls

Pack of 12 Camouflage Party Hanging Swirls

D-Day Cricket Signalling Device

It was after the Airborne operation over Sicily in 1943 that Commander Taylor, the future general commanding the 101st Airborne Division (The Screaming Eagles), realized the importance of communication among the parachuted units in enemy territory. Scattered in various places, isolated paratroopers often had a hard time to find their comrades without risking exposure to enemy fire. The Americans reused the principle of a popular toy at the time, the ‘Cricket’ consisted of a steel spring blade emitting a click-clack when pressed and released (similar in sound to the insect). British manufactures were given an order of several thousand of the devices to be used by the 101st Airborne Division on D-Day. To use the device, it was squeezed, flexing the steel spring and making a 'click-clack'- asking for the identification. The response should be a double squeeze making two 'click-clacks'. If the response was not two ‘click-clacks’ the Para opened fire! This is a faithful reproduction of the original device. Watch the YouTube video

Female Army Cap

Female Army Cap

First World War Memorabilia Box Set

This sturdy box contains more than 30 items of hitherto unused WW1 memorabilia. The box dimensions are 220 x 160 x 41mm and the overall weight of the product is 560g. Contents include: 12 page full size newspaper 20 page abridged version of ""War News"" magazine 4 x double sided propaganda posters- 8 page ""Wipers Times"" magazine - this is how the Tommies pronounced ""Ypres"" and it was produced in the Trenches Ration Book Red Cross programme Certificate of Exemption from the War Secret Infantry Papers with map 3 page hand written letter with envelope Trench booklet (rules and regs. of Trench life) Desertion papers inc. defence and prosecution statements Fascinating typed letter describing ""life in the Trenches""Selection of flyers ""Killed in Action"" letter A soldier's Pay Book 10 x double sided postcards 24 x trade cards Recruitment and Munitions cards

Join the Raf Poster 70cm x 50cm

WW1 Join the RAF Poster 70cm x 50cm, features a classic dog fight scene from WW1

Memorabilia Pack - Home Front

Contains: Clothes ration book, war emergency leaflet, household leaflets, postcard images, chart of gases information, railing receipt, plus trade cards.

Memorabilia Pack - Home Guard

Contains: Training booklet, officers mess rule book, "Modern World" magazine, information circulars, miscellaneous papers, recruitment flyer, Armistice night programmeand a selection of postcards.

Memorabilia Pack - The Blitz

Contains: general advice leaflets, ARP booklet, body tag, Air Raid warden's letter, anti gas alarm card, fire precaution leaflet and a selection of trade cards and Blitz images.

Memorabilia Pack - The Children's War

Contains: Childrens newspaper, Boys Own magazine, evacuation poster, information leaflet, school essay, variety of paperwork, food recipes and miscellaneous images.

Memorabilia Pack - War at Sea

Contains replica books, leaflets, paperwork, postcards and images

Memorabilia Pack - Women's War

Take a trip down memory lane with the Womens War Memorabilia Pack. Contains: Life in the WRNS booklet, Home Companion magazine, personal ephemera, Land Army flyer, wartime recipes, A Womans Place pamphlet & various fantastic images.

Memorabilia Pack - World War 1

Contains replica books, leaflets, paperwork, postcards and images from 1914-1918

Memorabilia Pack WW11 Booklets

WW11 Booklets Memorabilia Pack contains replicas of the following: Make do and Mend booklet, ration book, evacuee tag, ID Card, Puddings & Sweets leaflet, Wartime Cookery Booklet, What to do in a Wartime Emergency Booklet, How to keep Well in Wartime Booklet. A great educational pack

Military Medals (3 Piece)

Pack of 3 combat hero medals

NAAFI Metal Sign 30cm x 40cm


Pack of 150 Union Jack Table Confetti 2.5cm

Union Jack Table Confetti features mini Union Jack Flags, sprinkle over the party table. Pack of 150

Pack of 16 Camouflage Napkins

Pack of 16 Camouflage Party Napkins, 33cm

Pack of 3 WW1 Reproduction Posters

A set of 3 classic WW1 Posters. Measuring 76cm x 50cm each

Pack of 80 Plastic Soldiers

Pack of 80 Combat Mission Plastic Soldiers

Rally Round the Flag Poster 76cm x 50cm

WWI Rally Round the Flag Reproduction Poster printed on heavy coated mat paper aprox. 20 x 30 inches. Authentic looking reproduction. A patriotic call to join-up.

Replica Newspaper - D-Day Landings

Contains: a complete twelve page replica of the evening Standard newspaper from June 6th 1944, reporting that more than 4000 ships and smaller craft had crossed the Channel to begin the invasion. Cinema listings and adverts.

Replica Newspaper - London Blitz

Complete sixteen page replica of the Daily Sketch newspaper from August 29th 1940

Replica Newspaper - WW1

Complete replica of the Daily News dated 5th August 1914. Britain had declared war on Germany the previous evening.

Rubber Gas Mask

Reproduction Wartime memories gas mask

Shelter at Home Poster 76cm x 50cm

Shelter at Home 1940's Reproduction Poster measures 76cm x 50cm

Unexploded Bomb Metal Sign 30cm x 40cm


Union Jack Plastic Tablecover 1.3m x 2.7m

Union Jack Plastic Tablecover measures 1.3m x 2.7m

Wing Commander Moustache

Lead your squadron with a Self Adhesive Wing Commander Moustache

Women's Land Army Metal Sign 30cm x 40cm

Women's Land Army Metal Sign measures 40cm x 30cm

Your Country Needs You Bar Banner 88cm x 18cm

£1.90 £0.84

Your King and Country Poster 76cm x 50cm

WWI Your King and Country Need You Reproduction Poster printed on heavy coated mat paper (aprox. 20 x 30 inches) Authentic looking reproduction. This union flag background and an appeal from the King does its best to persuade you to enlist.

1940's Reproduction Identity Book


1940's Victory Bar Banner 88cm x 18cm

Our 1940's Wartime memories Victory in Europe Bar Banner measures 88cm. Matching bunting available too
£1.90 £1.50

1940's Victory Celebrations Bunting 5.5m

1940's Victory Celebrations Bunting featuring Winston Churchill, measures 5.5m x 21cm
£4.10 £2.50

Air Raid Wardens Poster 76cm x 50cm


Army Camouflage Cap

Complete your army fancy dress costume with the Army Cap in camouflage print.


Army Headband

Attention! Complete your army fancy dress costume with the Camouflage Bandana. This fancy dress accessory is perfect for guys and girls.


Army Make Up

Complete your army fancy dress costume with the Army Make-Up. Applicator included.

Battle Of Britain Metal Sign 30cm x 40cm

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Metal Sign measures 40cm x 30cm, by Trevor Mitchell

Black Plastic Bowler

adult size

Camouflage Plastic Table Cover

Camouflage Party Plastic Tablecover, measures 137cm x 243cm

Captains Hat

Captain's Hat, nautical peeked cap with gold rope detailing

Cone Poppers with Union Jack Parachute 12cm

Pack of 12 Cone Poppers with Union Jack Parachute 12cm, available in a pack of 12 (NV12UJ) or pack of 96 (NV120UJ)

Dig for Victory Now Poster 76cm x 50cm

Dig for Victory was one of the most well known wartime slogans. Everyone from school children to pensioners were encouraged to grow their own vegetables to help the war effort. Dig for Victory Now 1940's Reproduction Poster measures 76cm x 50cm

Dig For Victory Poster 76cm x 50cm

A good quality reproduction poster of a rare wartime poster. "Dig For Victory" Great for an event or to frame. 76cm x 50cm

Display Flag 1.5m x 91cm - Armed Forces Day

Celebrate Armed Forces Day!

Display Flag 1.5m x 91cm - Union Jack

Classic Union Jack flag, perfect for British themed parties & national celebration days, also makes a fab tablecloth too Flame Resistant

Display Flag 1.5m x 91cm - WW11 70th Anniversary 1945-2015

Our 1945- 2015 WWII 70th Anniversary Flag measures 150cm x 91cm. Perfect for Battle of Britain Memorial Day on July 12th 2015

Economy Pennant Bunting 10m - Red/White/Blue

Red/White/Blue Economy Bunting 10m length. Super value plus super coverage! Pennant size 30cm x 19.5cm

Foil Balloon 46cm - Union Jack

Foil balloons make a great party display whatever the occasion! Foil Balloon measures 46cm and is supplied unfilled, so dont forget the helium! All Foil Balloons are supplied unfilled. Ribbons and weights are not included. If you would like your balloon inflated for collection in store, then please call 01202 489361.

Gold Inflatable Picture Frame 80cm

Fun Inflatables! Gold Inflatable Picture Frame, perfect for photo booth fun. 80cm x 60cm

Inflatable Red Arrow 48cm x 40cm

Inflatable Red Arrow measures 48cm x 40cm

Jointed Big Ben Cut Out 1.8m

Jointed Big Ben Decoration measures 1.8m

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster 76cm x 50cm

Keep Calm & Carry On 1940's Reproduction Poster measures 76cm x 50cm

Memorabilia Pack - RAF at War

Contains replica books, leaflets, paperwork, postcards and images

Memorabilia Pack - Titanic

Contains: Daily Graphic newspaper, advertising flyers, sheet music, dinner menus, Passenger booklet, assorted paperwork, distress telegram plus miscellaneous images and cards.

Memorabilia Pack - Yanks Over Here

Yanks Over Here Memorabilia Pack Contains: Yank Weekly magazine, A short guide to Great Britain booklet, US Red Cross newsletters, variety of passes and ID, hand written letter from an American Serviceman, dance invitation plus miscellaneous cards and images.

Memorabilia Pack 'British Seaside Holiday'

British Seaside Holiday Memorabilia Pack. Contains Holiday camp pamphlets, I-Spy booklet, hotel leaflets, entertainment programme, Boxing flyer and a selection of postcards and trade cards.

Memorabilia Pack 'Victorian Entertainment'

Victorian Entertainment Memorabilia Pack contains: Theatre programmes, freak show adverts, poster, execution handbill, boxing flyer, miscellaneous ephemera and a selection of fascinating photographs and images

Number Sparkler - 0

Number Sparkler - 0

Number Sparkler - 1

Number Sparkler - 1

Pack of 10 Party Boxes - Union Jack

British Party Boxes. Handy packs of 10 or 250, perfect for party food and snacks; also suitable as a gift, party or activity box. Recyclable paperboard. Each Party Box measures 152mm x 100mm x 102mm.

Pack of 25 Union Jack Balloons 25cm

All Foil Balloons are supplied unfilled. Ribbons and weights are not included. If you would like your balloon inflated for collection in store, then please call 01202 489361.

Pack of 3 1940s Reproduction Posters

Our pack of 3 1940's Reproduction Posters measure 76cm x 50cm. Includes Go Forward Together, ARP Calling You & Dig for Victory posters

Pack of 3 1940s Reproduction Posters

Contents:- 1 Air Raid Wardens Wanted 1 Back the Great Attack 1 Dig for Victory

Pack of 30 Latex Balloons 25cm - Red/White/Blue

All Foil Balloons are supplied unfilled. Ribbons and weights are not included. If you would like your balloon inflated for collection in store, then please call 01202 489361.

Pack of 50 Plastic Union Jack Hand Waving Flags

Super value pack of 50 Union Jack Hand Waving Flags, perfect for national events, parties & celebrations! Pack of 50 29cm x 16cm each Stick measures 40cm

Pack of 8 Camouflage Paper Plates

Pack of 8 Camouflage Plates, 23cm



PVC Bunting 10m - Multi Coloured

This bunting is 10m long for outdoor use. There are 21 PVC flags per length each pennant measuring 20.5cm x 28cm

Replica Newspaper - Battle Of Britain

Contains: complete sixteen page replica of the Daily Sketch newspaper from June 19th 1940, outlining the RAs offensive, London evacuation, what to do if Britain is invaded, that days radio listening as well as local adverts.

Replica Newspaper - VE Day

VE Day Replica Daily Sketch May 8th 1945. Complete 8 page replica of the Daily Sketch from 8th May 1945 when the King declared a 2 day Public Holiday to celebrate Victory in Europe. Photographs of famous London landmarks, plus world-wide news, adverts, cartoons and radio programmes of the day.

Reproduction Ration Book

WW2 junior ration book 1944-1945; including coupons and list of local retailers & an absolute must for any wartime household.

Sailor Instant Kit

Hello sailor! Ladies, transform into a shipmate with the Sailor Instant Kit. Included is a Sailor Scarf & Hat

Silly String - Assorted Colours

Silly String, Assorted colours

Stand Up - Winston Churchill 1.82m

Winston Churchill Stand Up 1.82m

Tissue Ball 30cm - Red/White/Blue

Paper Honeycomb party decorations. Red, White & Blue Tissue Ball measures 30cm. Hang from ceilings & doorways, group with other colours to make a stunning party display

Tommy Hat

Plastic Tommy Helmet

Union Jack Plastic Bowler

Adult Size Bowler Hat with Union Jack design

Welcome to Britain Leaflet

Welcome To Britain Booklet..This booklet was issued to American forces in an attempt to get them acquainted with the British, their country, and their ways, and avoid some of the more obvious misunderstandings that could easily occur without at least a little knowledge of the strange and wonderful British customs.

Your Country Needs You Bunting 5.5m x 21cm

£4.10 £1.99

Sailor Neck Tie

Sail away with the Sailor Neck Tie.

Winston Churchill Memorabilia Pack

A collection of high quality reproduced paper memorabilia relating to Winston Churchill. Makes an excellent educational aid for a new generation and can be used to invoke memories in an older one. This pack gives an insight into the life of Winston Churchill from his early days at school to his death in 1965. Pack Contents - Abridged version of the Daily Sketch 1965, Clarion Calls to Courage booklet, School Report (1884) Mr. Churchill booklet, Wartime poster image, Secret memo relating to the Dardanelles plus Miscellaneous images and cards

Stand Up - Phone Box 1.91m

Phone Box Stand Up 1.91m



Inflatable Spitfire 48cm x 40cm

An inflatable version of the famous WW2 fighter aircraft measures 48cm x 40cm

Display Flag 2.4m x 1.5m - Union Jack

Large British Display Flag measures 2.4m x 1.5m