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Christmas Stand Ups

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Stand Up - Santa with Scroll 1.8m

Christmas party Props! 1.8m Life size cardboard Santa with Scroll, perfect for Christmas events, parties & celebrations

Stand Up - Santa with Sack of Toys 1.8m

Christmas party Props! Life size cardboard Santa with Sack of Toys, measures 1.8m

Stand Up - Santa with Large Sign 1.8m

Larger than Life size cardboard Stand-up Santa with large sign measures 1.8m, perfect for Christmas events

Stand Up - Festive Christmas Fireplace 101cm X 121cm

With this festive product you are sure to light the heart of any Scrooge. Use this fireplace as the centrepiece of your Christmas display. This is a 2D life-size picture of a fireplace and mantle which can be left free standing alternativley you can fold the easel back and stick it to the wall. This is an easy and impressive way to create a fantastic Christmas display. Includes a Table Top Version.

Stand Up - Christmas Tree 1.9m

Christmas party props! Cardboard Stand-up Christmas Tree & presents.

Stand Up - Small Christmas Tree 88cm

Create a festive scene with this cardboard cutout picture of a decorated christmas tree. Can be free standing using fold out cardboard supports or pinned to a wall.

Stand Up - Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer 1.8m

Fun giant cardboard Stand-up Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer! Rudolph measures 1.8m, perfect for Christmas parties.

Stand In - Mrs Christmas 1.86m

Mrs Christmas Stand In 1.86m.

Father Christmas photo prop 1.86m

Cameras at the ready for some Santa snaps with this life size cardboard Father Christmas photo prop 1.86m.

Stand Up - Snowman with Sign 1.83m

Jolly Stand-up Snowman with Sign measures 1.83m. A super cool way of advertising your event! SIGN SIZE 77CM x 51CM

Stand Up - The Grinch Christmas 1.93m

Looking for the perfect Christmas decoration for those who hate Christmas? Comes with table top cutouts of The Grinch and Max the Dog.

Stand Up - Buddy the Elf Christmas Icon 1.87m

Includes a Table Top Version.

Stand Up - Sven Frozen 1.92m

Sven from Disney Frozen Stand Up 1.92cm

Stand In - Frozen 1.88m

Frozen Photo Prop Stand In 1.88cm features Anna & Elsa, adult height

Stand In - Frozen (Child-Sized) 1.34m

Frozen, Anna & Elsa Child size Stand In 1.34m. A cool party photo opportunity!

Stand Up - Anna and Elsa Frozen 1.62m

Anna & Elsa from Disney Frozen Stand Up 1.62m.

Stand Up - Olaf Frozen 89cm

Stand-up Olaf from Disney Frozen measures 89cm.

Stand Up - Anna 1.55m

Anna from Disney Frozen Stand Up 1.55m

Stand Up - Elsa Frozen 1.61m

Stand-up Elsa from Disney Frozen measures 1.61m

Stand Up - Large Blank Sign 1.8m

Large Blank Sign Stand Up measures 1.8m

Secret Agent Couple Stand In Photo Prop 1.93m

Get some great shots with our Secret Agent Couple Stand In Photo Prop 1.93m

Stand Up - VIP Sign 1.16m

Direst your guests to the red carpet with a Stand-up VIP Entrance Sign. Measures 1.16m

Stand In - Red Carpet Couple 1.86m

Red-Carpet/ Hollywood Couple Stand In 1.86m

Stand Up - Celebration Bottle 1.88m

Cardboard Stand-up Celebration Bottle 1.88cm