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Minions Tombola Game Full Set


New Minions Tombola Game Full Set. This is a 50p a ticket game, with 72 Minions prizes. Returning a potential profit of 381.00, please click the description tab below for more info & Top Tombola Tips

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New Season Minions Tombola Game Full Set. This is a 50p a ticket game, with 72 Minions prizes. Returning a potential profit of 381.00, have FUN FUNdraising!

What's in the Game?

  • 1200 Movie Minions Tickets to sell at 50p each
  • 72 prizes
  • Minions Full Set Winning Numbers Poster
  • 6 Large assorted Minions
  • 12 Medium assorted Minions
  • 54 Minions Suction Cups
  • Instructions Guide

Top Tombola Tips

How do I run a tombola game?

Numbers are printed on the inside of sealed easy to open tickets. The purchaser checks the number they have against the numbers displayed on poster. If any of these numbers match they are a Winner and receive a prize – the size of the prize is marked on the poster. Winning and losing tickets are supplied already mixed but make sure you mix them again well – use one row of tickets at a time and destroy winning numbers tickets once your winner has taken their prize. Don’t let them drop on the ground for someone else to pick up!

Peeky's Hints and Tips!

  • Check the contents of the game before your event; make sure you have everything listed!
  • Display ALL YOUR PRIZES when running your game. The more prizes your audience sees to win, the more they’re likely to play!
  • Always order enough sets to make a good display – you will sell many more tickets! Unused prizes can be returned for credit.
  • Paint your volunteers faces or dress them in Fancy Dress and see the extra interest this generates! See our full fancy dress range.
  • Make sure your volunteers are kept well fed and watered! Their energy & enthusiasm on the day can make a real difference to how much money you raise!
  • Buy some Lollies as extra consolation prizes for disappointed little ones!
  • Your volunteers should call out “Buy a ticket – try and win a prize!” When someone wins, shout out “WE HAVE A WINNER!!!” and attract more people to your game, more atmosphere = more profit!
  • Where possible, volunteers should stand out in front and to the side of their stalls with baskets when selling tickets.
  • Make your stall/pitch/table as eye-catching as possible by decorating it with bunting etc, more atmosphere = more profit! Why not play some music at your stall; it’s a great way of attracting more customers!
  • Buy individual items as raffle prizes to raffle off at the end of your event to raise even more money… see our raffle tickets!
  • Consider purchasing extra star prizes, just in case your biggest prize is won earlier than expected. If you are left with prizes at the end they can still be used as raffle prizes!
  • Take some bin liners with you and use them as rubbish bins for used tickets – this stops littering and makes clearing up easier after your event… and is environmentally friendly!

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