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Halloween Props

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20 Creepy Crawly Halloween Spiders

Perfect for Halloween party decorating & party favours

Artificial Cobweb & 4 Spiders 60g

Horrid Halloween Decor! Giant, Wickedly White Superweb with 4 spiders included! Over 13ft long, super stretchy, enough web for an entire room. Great for indoor and outdoor decorating this Halloween

Black Plastic Witches Cauldron 39cm x 18cm

Create a potion to be proud of with the Lifesize Witches Cauldron. It's a great prop for a Halloween party! 39cm x 18cm (Smoke effect not included) see THH79 Smoke Machine with LED Lights or THH790 for complete set

Blooded Weapon - Cleaver

Our Halloween Blooded Cleaver is the perfect choice to accessorise your creepy Halloween costume. 35cm

Blooded Weapon - Sickle

Halloween Blooded Sickle is the perfect choice to accessorise your creepy Halloween costume.

Bloody Fingers

Halloween party essentials, Bloody Fingers

Crawling Haunted Spider 1.82m

Crawling Haunted Halloween Spider measures 6ft approx. Hang this Creepy critter in doorways, with sound, lights & motion

Crawling Zombie 1m

Peeks Party Halloween Props! Creepy Crawling Zombie measures 1m. This zany Zombie has real crawling action! Sound activated, light up eyes & screaming sound. Perfect for parties. Batteries not included, requires 3 x AA's

Doctor`s Stethoscope

Fancy dress accessory - Doctor's Stethoscope

Freestanding Card Candelabra 38cm

Abra cadabra candelabra! This shadowy candelabra will add to touch of magic to your event.

Garlic Garland 1.2m

Add a touch of Halloween flavour with this string of garlic & and be prepared for the worst.

Giant Bat 58cm

Halloween Giant Black Bat 23 inches, with red eyes and attached string to hang from ceilings etc.

Giant Inflatable Spider 91cm

Arachnophobes look away now & or this enormous, inflatable spider will trap you in its gigantic web.

Giant White Spider Web with 8 Spiders

Horrid Halloween decor! Wickedly White Artificial Spiders Web. Use indoors or outdoors, this super web stretches over 30ft with 8 horrible spiders included!

Glow In The Dark Wacky String

Glow in The Dark Wacky String

Gold Inflatable Picture Frame 80cm

Fun Inflatables! Gold Inflatable Picture Frame, perfect for photo booth fun. 80cm x 60cm

Halloween Eyeball

Keep an eye out for creepy goings on with a Halloween Eyeball

Hanging Dead Head with Chain Prop 71cm

Hanging Dead Head with Chain Halloween party prop. Truly horrify your guests this Halloween with this gruesome party prop! measures 71cm

Hatchet Through Head


Haunted Hanging Skeleton Ghost 65cm

Halloween Must Haves.. Haunted Hanging Skeleton Ghost 65cm, super scary fun, these creepy creatures come in assorted colours, look great on their own or even better in a ghastly gang

Haunted Sound Box

The Haunted Sound FX Box has 27 spooky sounds. Volume Control. Stereo Jack. On/Off and motion sensor activation; a bendable motion sensor arm attachment allows you to aim it anywhere. Batteries Included

Inflatable Alien

Green Inflatable Alien measures 64cm

Inflatable Halloween Arch 2.7m

Create a spooktacular party entrance with an Inflatable Halloween Arch. Measures 2.7m. Ghost not included

Jointed Plastic Glow in the Dark Skeleton 1.5m

Plastic 1.5m Even if you turn the lights out, there’ll be no hiding from this glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

Jumbo Chain

Gruesome Cut Off Bloody Hand

Large Caveman Bone

18 inch Caveman Bone

Light Up Hanging Tree Man 1.2m

Light Up Hanging Tree Man measures 1.2m. Batteries included

Light Up Skeleton with Shroud 1.2m

Fiendish fun for parties, this ghastly guest has posable arms, shredded shroud and light up eyes! Light Up Skeleton measures 1.2m & batteries are included too!

Meat Market Hand

Our Meat Market Hand is a gruesome and bloody moulded plastic Hand Prop. Comes with nutritional facts on the label so you can balance all that Halloween candy with ample protein, displayed in a shallow plastic dish covered with clear plastic wrap. Pop one in the fridge this Halloween. Measures: 20.3cm h x 14cm w x 5cm d

Moving Hanging Skeleton Light & Sound 1m

No matter how many times you hang this skeleton, it will always live and prove it to you by moving. This skeleton not only moves for you, it has lights and sound to! We've included batteries so the halloween fun can start as soon as you receive your skeleton!

Pack of 12 Bones in a Bag

Halloween Party Props! Pack of 12 Bones in a Bag, add to your cauldron or just scatter around your party room

Pack of 2 Candelabra Centrepieces 35cm x 19cm

Use this pack of 2 Candelabras to create a spooky Gothic table setting, with skull detail & Gothic ornate design 35cm x 19cm Pack of 2

Pk 6 Gold Beetles

Pack of 6 Gold Beetles measure 5cm

Plastic Tombstone 55cm x 37cm

Erect this plastic tombstone at your peril. You don't know what graves it might open.

Police Crime Tape

Police Crime Tape, yellow party tape with warning - police crime scene do not enter

PVC Double Axe 1.22m

Display use only

Rubber Toad

7 inch Rubber Toad is lifelike, complete with warts, every witches favourite accessory

Shaking Grim Reaper with Chain 90cm

Peeks Party Halloween Props! Shaking Grim Reaper with Chain measures 90cm. With sound, movement & jazz hands. Looks at home with the Field of Screams Backdrop. Batteries included too

Skeleton Inflatable Cooler

Halloween Skeleton Inflatable Drinks Cooler, perfect for spine chilling drinks & potions H 76.2cm x W 66cm x L 109cm

Spiders Web with Spider

It's creepy, It's eerie, It's the same quality they use in the movies! Drape this Creepy Halloween Spiders Web at your Halloween party, spider included

Stand Up - Skeleton 1.85m

Stand Up Skeleton 1.85m This collection of bones is so scary it would send a chiropractor running. Install the skeleton and see who else flees.

Table Top Led Flame Light 44cm x 20cm x 20cm

Halloween party centrepiece, the Table Top LED Flame Light measures 44 x 20 x 20cm with LEDs and flickering flame effect. Mains operated with 1.8m cable.

Toilet Seat Horrors

Disturbing decals for the bathroom

Walking Ghost (Sound & Blinking Eyes) 1.5m

This Walking Ghost 1.5m has cackling sound & blinking eyes. Moves around the floor when activated by sound. 1.5m tall, requires 4AA batteries, not included. Check out our video tab!
£36.50 £16.74

Zombie Hand


Hanging Turning Grim Reaper 90cm

Assorted colours battery operated shrouded spook, hes the life and soul of the party who's ready for action, with 3AA Batteries included

Pack of 6 Eyeballs

Halloween party favours! Keep an eye on things with a handy Pack of 6 Eyeballs

Voodoo Walking Stick Cane

Voodoo Walking Stick Cane, with Snake handle





Hanging Spider 25cm

Hang this 25cm creepy critter at your party

Handcuffs with Metal Key

Cops n robbers Metal Handcuffs with Keys and safety release









Stand Up - Haunted House 1.86m

This Gothic-style edifice will help theme a party and your event will be such a success it will bring the house down.

Stand Up - Pumpkin 93cm

Halloween Party Props! Set the scene with a giant pumpkin or two. Stand-Up Cardboard Pumpkin measures 93cm high x 69cm wide