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Side Show Games

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Big 4 in a Line 1.2m x 1.2m

The Big 4! Four colours in a line to win! A giant version of the classic game to play indoors or out. A game of strategy for 2 or more players, fun for all ages. Measures 1.2m x 1.2m

Box of 24 Skipping Ropes

Box of 24 Skipping Ropes, child size, 6 foot long with Polished wooden handles and tangle free ball bearing system @ 79p each. Why not sell for profit? Suggested Selling Price 1.50 each

Coconut Shy/Shie Game - Shorter Length

Knock the coconut off the stand to win a prize! Super popular game for Summer fairs & outdoor events. Outdoor Use Only. Use 4 Bamboo Canes or Timber as frames (instructions supplied). Knock the Coconut off the stand to win! Contains: 24 wooden balls 4 metal stands 74cm (29in) Large net 4.57m x 1.83m (15ft x 6ft) Coconuts & Canes are not included OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS We suggest you use 2 x 1.22m (4ft), 1 x 1.83m (6ft) and 4 x 2.13m (7ft) strong bamboo canes. Create an oblong shape, 1.83m (6ft) wide by 1.22m (4ft) deep, with the 1.83m (6ft) sides being the front and the back. Insert the 4 x 2.13m (7ft) canes about 30cm (1ft) deep into the grass where you want your Coconut Shy. (You can use a screwdriver to make holes in the grass.) Alternatively, you can hang the net inside a canvas sided stall. Place the 2 x 1.22m (4ft) canes across the tops of both sides and the 1 x 1.83m (6ft) cane across the back. Fasten securely with sticky tape. Hang the net down each side and along back of frame. Secure the netting to the poles using cable ties or string. Use tent pegs or similar to secure the net to the ground. Put a white plank 6.10m (20ft) from front of stall; this is your throwing distance. You may wish to vary this distance for young children. Put bad or cracked coconuts in the stands. Have a sack of good coconuts at the front alongside the balls. These are to be used as the prizes. A bucket is useful for you to collect the balls after they are thrown. Call out, for example 50p for 10 balls or 30p for 4 balls; knock them off to win a coconut! Display a poster with the price per go. HAVE A SUCCESSFUL DAY!

Higher or Lower Card Game

Play your cards right! Our popular Higher or Lower Card Game includes a wooden playing board with supporting pole & a pack of giant playing cards, measuring 17.5cm x 12.5cm! Turning the cards over one at a time the player guesses higher or lower! All cards turned over win a prize.

Hoopla Game

Set includes: 6 large 25cm blocks, prize supports & rubber bands 12 wooden rings 25cm. (Toy shown not included) Requires a table. Game does not include pictured toy. See our range of Prizes

Name The Teddy Game - Small Set

Everyone wants to win a cute teddy! A firm family favourite at fund raising events. Name the Teddy can be played by all, with lots of fun & teddies to be won! Name The Teddy Set Includes: 10 Name the Teddy Cards with 40 names 10 Luxury Teddies (approx 28cm/11ins) Total Taking (50p per go) 10 @ £20.00 = £200 Less cost of set £63.00 = TOTAL PROFIT per set £137.00 How it works- the winning name of the teddy is in one of the 40 boxes. Guess the name & enter your name & telephone no. in the box. When all the boxes have been sold, the seller will scratch off the panel at the top of the card to reveal the winning name. The person with the winning name receives the teddy.

Pick a Lolly Frame and Tub of 120 Lollies

Pick a Lolly Game! Choose a lolly with a red end and win a prize, if you lose you still have a lolly! yay. Great game for fairs and fetes Set includes: Wooden Pick a lolly frame & measures 46cms x 31cms x 6cms 120 lollies of which 12 have red ends. This game requires a table

Pop Up Goal Set

A fun Pop Up Goal Set in a handy zip up bag, 80cm x 60cm x 60cm, contains 2 pop up goals, ball, pump, hooks, net. Perfect for footy training

Sack Race Set

Re-live old school sports day races and race around the garden with your friends in these adult sized sacks, includes 5 Sacks each with a different colour and character, made of best quality Jute & double stitched for durability. Measure 1m x 60cm Sack race is simple enough the play and easy to set up. Simply mark out the race track in your garden or area of choice line up your racers in their sacks and see who can get to the other end of the track first.

Splat The Rat Set (without Stand)

Splat the Rat Game without Stand. Bash the rat as it comes out of the tube to win a prize!..easier said than done, a fun favourite for Summer fairs. Set includes: 1 Wooden Basher 3 Large Rats 1 Tube

Unlock The Door Game

Players can choose any 3 keys from the bag provided- if any of the keys unlocks the door they win a prize! Set includes: Sign written door Frame Bag of 12 keys

Foot Golf Including Tennis Balls

A dynamic fast paced mixture of football and golf! It can be played anywhere and with as many obstacles in the way as you see fit! Position the markers similar to a golf course, start at number 1. Each player in turn kicks their tennis ball towards the marker keeping score as they kick. The winner is the person who has taken the fewest kicks to hit all the markers! Game includes 7 markers and 4 tennis balls Game contains: 4 Tennis Balls (Please make sure they can each be easily identified) 7 Numbered Marker Stands 1 Scorecard OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS A great game for up to 4 people or 2 groups (up to 8 people who then take alternative kicks). Foot golf is a mixture of football and golf. It can be played anywhere and the players designate the type of course, rules and the start point before the game begins. All you have to do then is determine how to space out the numbered Marker Stands from 1 to 7. According to the shape of your course you may wish to use Marker Stand 1 as the starting point to reach Marker Stand 2 and so on. Alternatively if you have a circular course you could use the same starting point for all Marker Stands. Each player (or group) takes it in turn to kick the tennis ball and tries to strike the Marker Stand according to the numbered order. Every player records the number of kicks they take in each round to hit the Marker Stand, and the winner is the player with the lowest aggregated number of kicks when all the numbered Marker Stands have been hit. You might want to base the order of play on the score of the previous hole, so that the player with the highest score will kick off first followed by the second, etc. If there is a dead heat, you may wish to play an additional round (or rounds) to determine the winner. For this playoff you could play towards Marker Stand 1 again or change the course. Alternatively the game can be played by scoring only the number of rounds won and not the aggregated number of kicks. The player with the highest number of goals will be the winner. You may stipulate that the Marker Stand must have fallen over to count as a goal, the winner being the player with the most goals. To make the game more exciting different variations can be played such as: Players may only kick with their weaker” foot. Place obstacles around each Marker Stand to avoid direct long shots. The player whose tennis ball is farthest from the Marker Stand after the first kick is the first to take the next kick (this may result in an opponent's ball being in direct line from the Marker Stand). The question then is do you try and knock your opponent's ball out of the way or will this have a detrimental effect of the final position of the kickers ball? Play in wellington boots! Before taking a kick the player must spin around quickly 4 times ENJOY THE GAME!

Pack of 100 Small Yellow Ducks 7cm

A fun game for both children & adults too, whose little duck will cross the finishing line first? Each duck measures 6cm, pack of 100. 100 DUCK RACE - Top Tips 1. Number your Ducks on the base with waterproof pen. 2. Advertise your event well, with details of prize(s) and race times. 3. Clearly mark the start and finish lines and place volunteers along the bank to ensure safety of spectators and to see fair play! 4. You should contact your local authority to obtain permission to hold a Duck Race and your insurance company in case Public Liability Insurance is required. 5. If you sell your tickets in advance be sure to include your race times. 6. You do not need to sell” all 100 Ducks at one time & you can have a race with only 20 or 50 Ducks if you wish & and run several races. 7. Use a net or bag to hold the Ducks at the start line. Release all of the Ducks at the same time, making sure there is a designated volunteer to note the number of the winning Duck. 8. You will need some volunteers at the finish line with fishing nets and buckets to catch all of the Ducks. 9. Announce the number of the prize winning Duck and prize won so that you encourage more participants for the next race!

Pack of 50 Name The Teddy Cards A4

Pack of 50 Name the Teddy Game Cards, you can make your own game by purchasing the individual teddy bears yourself. How it works- the winning name of the teddy is in one of the 40 boxes. Guess the name & enter your name & telephone no. in the box. When all the boxes have been sold, the seller will scratch off the panel at the top of the card to reveal the winning name. The person with the winning name receives the teddy.

Skipping Rope

A traditional wooden handled Skipping Rope, 6ft long

Giant Snakes & Ladders

A giant version of the classic board game with one difference. The players themselves are the counters moving up the ladders and down the snakes. There are extra rules for added fun. Each game contains a play mat (size 3sqm) inflatable dice fixing pegs (for grass)

Hopping Mad Space Hopper Game

Space hoppers are a great memory from many people's childhood. Racing around on the bouncy fun hoppers is always a great laugh. Peeks Hoppin Mad take the Space Hopper child sized hoppers and blows them up to adult proportions, making them into an exciting and fun party game. This game is a great ice breaker and will make your party or barbeque a guaranteed hit The Space hoppers come complete with a whistle and Pump so that you can blow the hoppers up and start the race, all you need to add is air and friends and the race is on. Each 24 inch bouncy space hopper has its own unique fun character & Daredevil, Psycho and Hotshot.

Peeks Wembley Football

Test your football skills with Peeks Shoot Wembley Football, in assorted colours, perfect footy prizes

Pin the Tail on The Donkey Game

Super classic children’s party game, very popular with little ones, with hilarious results. Includes: Donkey, Tails, Blindfold

Rope Quoits Game

Our Quoits Game is a throwing game of skill and accuracy, good fun for all ages. Throw the quoits on to the pegs to score as many points as possible, the highest score wins a prize. Throw the quoits on to the pegs to score as many points as possible, highest score wins a prize. The further away you throw - the harder the game. Set includes 5 hardwood pegs, base and 5 rope quoits.

Set of 2 Playing Cards 9cm x 6cm

2 Decks of Supreme Playing Cards, plastic coated, 52 cards & 2 Jokers

Single Inflatable Dice 45cm

These giant inflatable dice are perfect for use with our Giant Snakes & Ladders Game.

Table Tennis Ball Throw Game

A super game of skill. Try and get the balls into the numbered squares, highest score wins! Includes:Play box 4 table tennis balls Instructions (Table required)

Target Game

New Season Sideshow Game. Our Fun Inflatable Target Game has numbered velcro patches. To score, throw balls at the patches & the highest score wins! Great fun for all. Includes target & 3 tennis balls, measures 50cm x 50cm

Belly Bump Ball 92cm

A great way to encourage children to get active! Helps develop balance, fitness, play and co-ordination skills

Hoopla Block with Support & Band

Block comes supplied with support and rubber band

Pack of 3 Soft Juggling Balls

Pack of 3 Soft Juggling Balls, test your skills, ideal for young children & adults too!

Plain Wood Chute For Roll-A-Coin Game

Roll a Coin Wooden Chute Single Wooden Chute Players roll a coin down the chute, if they land on star or number they win! To be used in conjunction with Roll a Coin Sheet, this can be purchased seperately

Rubber Egg

Perfect for egg and spoon races.

Set of 12 Wooden Balls (Coconut Shy/Shie Balls)

Pack of 12 Coconut Shy Wooden Balls, use with our coconut shy stands & net. The wooden balls weigh approx 66 gms each - size: 63mm /2.5 inches approx

Set of 4 Long Metal Coconut Shy/Shie Stands 1.36m

Add some difficulty to your Coconut Shy game with a Set of 4 Longer Length Metal Coconut Stands 1.36m

Set of 4 Short Metal Coconut Shy/Shie Stands 76cm

Set of 4 Coconut Shy Metal Stands measures 76cm, also available in longer lengths

Table Football Game

Table Football Game measures 51cm x 51cm x 10cm, including handles. Pitch measures 31cm x 51cm

34 in One Games Table

The ultimate space saver! High quality, robust games table complete with all games accessories needed to play 81cm x 127cm x 62cm All games pack inside when not in use and includes all accessories and instructions Each game contains table football, glide hockey, pool, table tennis, skittles, shuffleboard, ring toss, horseshoe, playing cards, chequers, ti-tac-toe, magnetic darts, dominoes, knock hockey, chess, marbles, poker dice, backgammon, magnetic american football, pick-up sticks. NEW ADDITION of magnetic travel games set which contains ludo, manji, snakes & ladders, route chess, chinese checkers, train chess game, goose game, game everywhere, racing game, steeplechase game, motor racing, baseball game, space venture, & dice rotate table.

A4 Playing Cards

Play your cards right with this fun Full Pack of Gigantic Playing Cards, measure 28cm x 20.5cm

Deluxe Backgammon

Tradional style carry case finished in Blue Suedette with blue interior and red/white points. Size open is 28cm x 40.5cm

Nodor Supawires Tournament Dartboard

"Nordar Supawires" Top quality sisal fibre tournament dartboard, engineered to minimise bounce back over entire scoring area.

Paper Sheet For Roll-a-Coin Game 88cm x 48cm

Roll a Coin - Sheet Only, to play this game...roll a coin down the chute, if you land on a star or number, you win a prize! great fun for fairs & fetes, Chutes available separately Players roll a coin down the chute, if they land on a star or number they win! Sheet designed for a trestle table. To be used with Roll a Coin Chute, these can be purchased seperately Roll a Coin sheet & 88cms x 50cms