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Wigs, Moustaches & Beards

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70's Flick Comb

Hey Teddy Boy! Complete your 50s fancy dress costume with the 50s Style Teddy Boy Flick Comb. Make sure you have a 50s style wig to brush the comb through!

70's Funky Afro Wig

Guys, dance like a disco diva and complete your seventies fancy dress costume with the 70's Funky Afro Wig in brown

Hippy / Heavy Rock Wig *Non Returnable*

Guys, grab that air guitar and rock up to the party in a luscious Heavy Rock Wig

Skin Head

Want the skin-head look? Get it with the Bald Skin Head. It'll bring the fun to the party!

118 Moustache

Self Adhesive 118 Moustache

Afro Oversize Black

Super-sized Afro Wig- Hip in the Sixties when "Hair" was the must-see stage performance, the 'Fro was sported by basketball players, kick-ass movie detectives and most of Sly and the Family Stone. The hairdo shows no sign of going out of style - where will you wear yours?

Afro Wig * Non Returnable *

Black Afro Wig - The Jackson 5, Jimi Hendrix, Sixties political activist Angela Davis and Aretha Franklin all helped the Afro become one mother of a hairstyle. Buy several and you can turn friends into a funky family instantly!

Arab'S Beard

Self Adhesive Arab Beard

Blood Drip Wig *Non Returnable*


Boy Band Wig - Black *Non Returnable*


Boy Band Wig - Blonde *Non Returnable*


Brigadier Moustache

Self Adhesive Brigadier Moustache

Brit Pop Wig *Non Returnable*

Pay homage to the British bands of the 90s with the Britpop Wig.

Caribbean Pirate Beard & Tash

Self Adhesive Caribbean Pirate Beard & Tash

Chinese Moustache

Channel your inner China man with this Lengthy black Chinese style tash. Self adhesive

Day of the Dead Wig *Non Returnable*

The black and red Day of the Dead Wig is the perfect way to accessorise your Day of the Dead costume! With red and black roses attached, it looks great worn with a whole host of Peeks costumes.

Deadly Beauty Wig

Our Vampiress Wig features a stunning, sexy synthetic fibre wig with long black hair cut into a heart shape around the face. Our Vampiress Wig is perfect for finishing up your costume! Wig can be washed and worn again.

Deluxe Hairy Chest - Dark Brown

Embrace that disco diva with the Hairy Chest. It's the perfect accessory for that 70s party.

Evil Clown Wig

Our Evil Clown Wig is a shock of spiky red tresses that stick out in all directions. Black highlights further distance the Evil Clown Wig from the cheery red wig usually donned by non-malicious clowns. Wig cap recommended (sold separately). Made of 100% synthetic fibre Fits most teens and adults.

Father Christmas Beard & Moustache 25cm

Value Santa Beard 26cm, classic white fluffy Father Christmas beard & tash with elastic fastening

French Moustache - Curly Handlebar

Oui oui! Transform into a Frenchman with the Handlebar Moustache

Ghostly Glamour Wig *Non Returnable*

Add a touch of glamour to your Halloween look with our Ghostly Glamour Wig. Grey with dark roots, this wig is the perfect finishing touch to any spooky Halloween costume

Indian Wig Black with Pigtails * Non Returnable*

Have a Western themed party and finish your look with this Native American Inspired Wig. This female Wild West-inspired wig features pigtails and a headband.

International Moustache Collection

Set of 6 different stick on moustaches all representing different countries styles

Mens Caribbean Pirate Wig Brown with Scarf * Non Returnable *

Caribbean Pirate Wig. Capture the rugged, bohemian flavour of yesteryear's pirates with this beads-and-braids wig that comes topped with a tied kerchief. The effect will be devastating ashore!

Pack of 6 Mexican Moustaches

Pack of 6 Mexican Moustaches

Pirate Black Nylon Beard


Pirate Brown Nylon Beard


Rasta Wig with Cap * Non Returnable *

Rasta Hat with Wig. Host your own Reggae Sunsplash festival with this hat and these dreadlocks that would have made Bob Marley or Peter Tosh proud. Irie, man. Every lil' ting gonna be alright.

Red and White Curly Wig * Non Returnable *

Worn to the sound of tens of thousands of delirious fans all chanting Eng-ger-land, Eng-ger-land, you'll feel at home among friends beneath this wig that proudly bears the cross of St George! Hang on to it when the team score!

Retro Moustache Set

This stylish moustache collection comes complete with one different style for each day of the week! With 7 different moustaches you can be "The Bruiser" one day of the week and "The Sheriff" the next. A new look for every day of the week! These moustaches are all self-adhesive and very easy to put on. But once stuck on they stay attached! They are ideal for any fancy dress occasion or if you just feel like acting a bIt'silly!

Scalped Scientist Wig *Non Returnable*

Terrify your friends at Halloween with this Scalped Scientist Wig.

Scotsman Beard Set

Self Adhesive Scotsman Beard Set

Seventies Shaggy Wig - Blonde * Non Returnable *

Brown 70s Shag Wig . Donny Osmond, The Bay City Rollers, The Bee Gees - Take your pick, pop pickers! Travel back to the era of flared trousers and giant sideburns, but be sure you have a mop top to match!

Seventies Shaggy Wig - Brown * Non Returnable *

Brown 70s Shag Wig . Donny Osmond, The Bay City Rollers, The Bee Gees - Take your pick, pop pickers! Travel back to the era of flared trousers and giant sideburns, but be sure you have a mop top to match!

Seventies Tash - Brown


Sixties Sideburns - Teddy Boy

Join the Teddy Boy gang with these Teddy Boy Sideburns. Perfect accessory for men and great for that 50s party. Add our 50s Style Specs to complete the look.

Wing Commander Moustache

Lead your squadron with a Self Adhesive Wing Commander Moustache

Wizard Beard and Tash White

White Wizard Beard & Tash

Zombie Wig Grey *Non Returnable*

Join the undead with the Zombie Wig. This Halloween fancy dress accessory is perfect for men. don't forget the Peeks Make-Up FX to complete the look.