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Clown Horn

Clown Horn

Dog Tag

Complete your army fancy dress costume with the Dogtags On Chain.

Dummy/Soother Large

Do you act like a big baby? This Large Dummy will provide the perfect addition to your Baby Romper Costume.

Halloween Eyeball

Keep an eye out for creepy goings on with a Halloween Eyeball

Jumbo Chain

Gruesome Cut Off Bloody Hand

Jumbo Spider Lawn Bag 1.77m

Jumbo Spider Lawn Bag is a fangtastic prop for your Halloween party, fill with leaves or crumpled paper. Body measures 76cm and legs 177cm

Jumbo Syringe


Large Caveman Bone

18 inch Caveman Bone

Pack of 12 Skull Decorations In Net

Pack of 12 Grinning Skull Decorations in a Net, place on surfaces & tables

Pack of 3 Neon Belts

Complete your 80s look with the Neon Belts. This pack contains three different coloured belts.

Rubber Chicken

Bring the fun to the party with the Plucked Rubber Chicken! measures 23 inches

70's Flick Comb

Hey Teddy Boy! Complete your 50s fancy dress costume with the 50s Style Teddy Boy Flick Comb. Make sure you have a 50s style wig to brush the comb through!

Ball & Chain

Ball and Chain for Convicts and Stags


Naval Binoculars

Bullet Belt (96 Bullets)


Doctor`s Stethoscope

Fancy dress accessory - Doctor's Stethoscope

Elf Shoes

Step into Christmas with a fab pair of Elf Shoes, in Elf red & green, complete with jingle bells on each! measures 31cm

Feather Boa 1.5m - Green

Green Feather Boa, 1.5m of fluffy feathers

Feather Raven

Add a creepy touch to your party by placing a few Feathered Ravens about the place, look great perched on a tombstone

Giant Beer Pong

Beer pong is a much loved drinking game, played by students and party lovers in countless countries across the world. Easy to play, this set ensures you've got everything you need to get going, with the extra fun of double portions. To play, simply set up 6 cups at each side of the table and fill with your choice of beer, lager or cider. Players then take turns to throw their ping pong ball into their opponents cup. If a player succeeds in landing in one of their opponents cups, the opponent must drink whatever is in the cup before continuing. Empty cups are then removed from the game. The winner is the first person to clear their opponents cups away. Giant Beer Pong is a fun drinking game from Gentlemen's Club. The game is intended to be played by adults aged 18 and over. Please enjoy responsibly.

Glitter Microphone

Get the popstar look with this Microphone in Silver Glitter. Match this accessory with our Dance Diva Costume. Dance and sing at the party like a real diva!

Handcuffs with Metal Key

Cops n robbers Metal Handcuffs with Keys and safety release

Hanging Bat Prop


Hawaiian Bra Silk Flowers

Vibrant colours Hawaiian Flowered Bra

Inflatable Baby Crocodile 1.6m

Peeks Fun inflatables, safely wrestle this fun Inflatable 1.6m croc

Inflatable Beach Ball 60cm

Classic beach fun with our bright Inflatable Beach Ball, measures 60cm

Inflatable Bongo Drums 62cm x 27cm x 25cm

Inflatable Bongo Drums measure 62cm x 25cm x 27cm

Inflatable Boom Box 44cm x 38cm

80s party must have. Pump up the Volume with this Inflatable Boombox, measures 44cm x 38cm

Inflatable Clapper Board 43cm x 34cm

Inflatable Clapper Board 43cm x 34cm
£3.54 £2.99

Inflatable Flamingo 64cm

A pair of these inflatable Pink Flamingos look fabulous at tropical themed parties. Measures 64cm

Inflatable Grey Trophy 60cm

Fun Inflatables Grey Trophy measures 60cm, celebrate with a fun inflatable, perfect prize for games

Inflatable Guitar 1m

This funky 1m Inflatable Guitar comes in assorted colours.

Inflatable Keyboard 57cm

Fun inflatable Keyboard 57cm with handy shoulder strap

Inflatable Maraca 76cm

Our fun Inflatable Maraca measures 76cm

Inflatable Microphone with Stand 1.25m

Inflatable Microphone with Stand measures 1.25m