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Winter Fundraising

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Christmas Pencils 18cm

Christmas Pencils 18cm (Assorted Designs)

Christmas Sticker & Album Set 15.5cm x 10.5cm

Christmas Sticker & Album Set 15.5cm x 10.5cm, contains Album and 6 Sheets of Stickers.

Colour In - Christmas Pocket Books 7.5cm x 5.5cm

10 Christmas decorations in one pocket book. Colour-in and cut out a Santa, Christmas angel, robin redbreast, baubles and more, then hang them on the Christmas tree or string across the window or mirror. These pocket books are also great at keeping the kids entertained during that long flight or car journey, or at the restaurant, or whenever you need a little quiet time. 7.5cm x 5.5cm

Gingerbread Man Swop Point Crayon 13cm

Gingerbread Man Swop Point Crayon 13cm. Interconnecting gingerbread men crayons that slot together to make a full sized crayon.

Magic Snow Test Tube

Magic Snow in test tube which when mixed with water turns into fluffy white snow, which is curiously dry to the touch and lasts for days.This is not a toy and not suitable for children under 14...

Pack of 500 Christmas Stickers

500 Christmas Stickers Sheet

Snowflake Splat Ball 5cm

Snowflake Splat Ball 5cm, snowflake themed water ball that splats when thrown at a hard surface.

Manual Dispenser Bingo Set

Bingo Hand Dispenser Set Complete set including... Dispenser, 90 (20mm) Balls Checking Board 41cm x 33cm x 32cm Bingo for Fundraisers! The basic idea is: * Each player has a ticket or card with numbers - all numbers are different * The numbers are randomly drawn one at a time and called out by the Bingo caller * Each player tries to match all the numbers in a line across the ticket * Players mark off the numbers on their ticket or card * As soon as a player matches the winning numbers, they shout ""BINGO"" The Numbers: 1. Kelly's Eye 2. One Little Duck 3. Cup of Tea 4. Knock at the Door 5. Man Alive 6. Tom Mix 7. Lucky Seven 8. Garden Gate 9. Doctor's Orders 10. Gordon's Den 11. Legs Eleven 12. One Dozen 13. Unlucky for Some 14. Valentine's Day 15. Young and Keen 16. Sweet Sixteen 17. Dancing Queen 18. Coming of Age 19. Good-bye Teens 20. One Score 21. Key of the Door 22. Two Little Ducks 23. Thee and Me 24. Two Dozen 25. Duck and Dive 26. Pick and Mix 27. Gateway to Heaven 28. Over-Weight 29. Rise and Shine 30. Dirty Gertie 31. Get Up and Run 32. Buckle My Shoe 33. Dirty Knee 34. Ask for More 35. Jump and Jive 36. Three Dozen 37. More than Eleven 38. Christmas Cake 39. Steps 40. Naughty Forty 41. Time for Fun 42. Winnie The Pooh 43. Down on your Knee's 44. Droopy Drawers 45. Halfway There 46. Up to Tricks 47. Four and Seven 48. Four Dozen 49. PC 50. Half a Century 51. Tweak of the Thumb 52. Danny la Rue 53. Stuck in the Tree 54. Clean the Floor 55. Snakes Alive 56. Was She Worth It 57. Heinz Varieties 58. Make Them Wait 59. Brighton Line 60. Five Dozen 61. Baker's Bun 62. Turn on the Screw 63. Tickle Me 63 64. Red Raw 65. Old Age Pension 66. Clickety-Click 67. Made in Heaven 68. Saving Grace 69. Either Way Up 70. Three Score and Ten 71. Bang on the Drum 72. Six Dozen 73. Queen B 74. Candy Store 75. Strive and Strive 76. Trombones 77. Sunset Strip 78. Heaven's Gate 79. One More Time 80. Eight and Blank 81. Stop and Run 82. Straight on Through 83. Time for Tea 84. Seven Dozen 85. Staying Alive 86. Between the Sticks 87. Torquay in Devon 88. Two Fat Ladies 89. Nearly There 90. Top of the Shop

Small Raffle Drum Unpainted 35cm x 27cm

Unpainted Raffle Drum measures 35cm. Use plain or customise with your own preferred colour or logo. Drum width 30cm x height 18cm x depth 17cm Base 35.5cm x 23cm x 21cm

Wingo 4 - Bingo Machine

Wingo Electronic Bingo Machine Added feature use 1-90 for Bingo or 1-49 for Lottery Draw! 100mm audience display and a 20mm operator display Selectable delay on number displayed to audience Last number called flashes on operator matrix display Recall of all selected numbers Total numbers called function Retains current game in the event of a power failure The numbers drawn panel is set at an angle so the caller can easily see the display without tilting the unit.

Book Cloakroom Tickets 1-500

Designed to read and tear easily in six assorted colours with double numbers & security code.

Cloakroom Tickets 1-500 (Pack of 36 Books)

Designed to read and tear easily in six assorted colours with double numbers & security code.

Book Cloakroom Tickets 1-1000

Designed to read and tear easily in six assorted colours with double numbers & security code.

Cloakroom Tickets 1-1000 (Pack of 36 Books)

Designed to read and tear easily in six assorted colours with double numbers & security code.

Face Painters Kit

Face Painters Kit - Paints up to 600 Faces! Perfect for advanced face painters, this kit contains everything you need to paint smile after smile after smile and is ideal for schools, playgroups, fairs and after-school clubs. And It's all supplied in an easy to clean box. This kit contains: 2 x 30ml Face paints (White and Bright Yellow) 8 x 18ml Face paints (Black, Bright Red, Sky Blue, Grass Green, Light Brown, Bright Pink, Turquoise and Orange) 10 High Density Sponges 3 x Face painting brushes (1 x Fine Round, 1 x Multi-purpose, 1 x Medium Flat) 3 x 12ml Glitter Gels (Silver, Red Gold and Multi) 1 x Five Minute Faces Book and an all-in-one Easy-clean Kit box to create 600 faces Dimensions: w 160mm x h 340mm x d 350mm

One Size Felt Santa Hat & Apron Set

One Size Felt Santa Hat & Apron Set

Female Elf Costume

Female Elf Fancy Dress Costume includes dress, hat & belt. Size 10-14

Elf Mascot Costume

Spread some festive joy in our fun jolly Elf Costume! He is great fun for childrens parties & Christmas events. Lightweight, supersoft Mascot with oversized Elf head, mesh eyes & jumpsuit with bells & attached shoe covers too. Adult One Size, fits up to 6ft 2 inches, 2 piece costume. Chest 44 inch Waist 36-41 inch Inside leg 32 inch.

Male Elf Costume

Male Elf Fancy Dress Costume includes shirt, trousers, hat with ears, belt & shoe covers. Chest 38-40 inch, Waist 32-34 inch

Santa Hat

Ho ho ho! Dress as the King of Christmas in this Red Santa Hat. It's the most important accessory for your Santa costume!

Reindeer Antlers

Red Reindeer Antlers on a headband, perfect for Christmas parties

Pack of 10 Photo Booth Props - Christmas

Our Christmas Fun Photo Booth Props provide a great opportunity for some seasonal snaps! Each pack consists of 10 Christmas themed props

Plush Ralph the Reindeer

Plush Ralph the Reindeer

Plush Bailey Bear

Plush Bailey Bear

Cute Penguin Plush Toy 14cm

Cute Plush Penguin with knitted hat & scarf measures 14cm

Luxury Teddy 28cm

Cute & Cuddly Luxury Teddy measures approximately 28cm, a popular fund raising prize

Stand Up - Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer 1.8m

Fun giant cardboard Stand-up Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer! Rudolph measures 1.8m, perfect for Christmas parties.

Stand Up - Snowman with Sign 1.83m

Jolly Stand-up Snowman with Sign measures 1.83m. A super cool way of advertising your event! SIGN SIZE 77CM x 51CM