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  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

Peeks marks the spot

Peeks marks the spot

Why are Peeks the finest purveyors of pirate products? Because they aaaarrrrrrgghhhhhhh!

We have a treasure trove of themed goods suitable for pirate parties – so anyone can have a Jolly Roger.

We’ve got the goods to turn any space into a tropical island, where buccaneers and hula dancers can let their hair down.

Pirate parties are all the rage – and not just for the kids!

We have pistols and parrots, treasure maps and eye patches, skull and crossbones, costumes and cutlasses.

You can buy inflatable palm trees, grass skirts, coconut bras, limbo dancing kits and even a tropical sun.

And don’t forget our famous party packs themed for pirates and tropical islands.

Any occasion can be turned into a scene where Jack Sparrow would not look out of place – and it won’t cost you a piece of eight.

Always remember: Peeks marks the spot.

Why not pop into our huge party store in Christchurch, Dorset, or order one of our specialist catalogues. You’ll also find everything on the website.

  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

Don’t be a coronation chicken – have a beach party!

Don’t be a coronation chicken – have a beach party!

Nothing brings Brits together like a bit of pomp, ceremony and victory in war – and this June has the lot.

On the 4th it is the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation, which happened a year after the accession.

Last year’s Jubilee galvanised the nation and Peeks has everything in stock for those who want to re-kindle that spirit and celebrate the crowning ceremony.

And four days later marks the anniversary of D-Day, the turning point in the Second World War – a moment worth celebrating and remembering those who didn’t come home.

The Queen herself will be taking part in a service of coronation celebration at Westminster Abbey – so if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for everyone.

Visit Peeks for all you need in terms of patriotic bunting, crowns, flags, balloons and all the themed items you could wish for.

And why not push the boat out on the 8th – just as our boys did nearly 70 years ago on D-Day.

Peeks releases catalogues, but also has a huge party store in Christchurch, Dorset, and a growing website.

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