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  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker



It’s Halloween soon and here at Peeks we’ve got everything to help you enjoy the occasion on October 31.

The history of this day is a complicated one, but crucial to the way we celebrate it now is down to a person buried near to us in Bournemouth: Mary Shelley.

For she wrote Frankenstein, and it was the dark side of the human psyche encapsulated in gothic novels such as Shelley’s that helped turn Halloween into what it is today.

Halloween is a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening” – the day before the Christian feast of All Hallows, or All Saints.

Some believe Halloween has pagan roots, too, and the traditions merged and were transported from Britain and Europe to America.

The mass influx of Irish immigrants took with them their own traditions including turnip carving.

The Americans – being Americans – turned it into something much bigger and soon it was being celebrated across the country.

Because pumpkins were already used for harvest celebrations, the humble Irish turnip was replaced in the celebrations by the large, orange vegetable.

With the gothic influence, Halloween in the US grew and grew and after they re-packaged it they sent it back to us with all the commercial extras they are so good at.

And we Brits love it. Here at Peeks over the last 20 years we’ve seen Halloween grow into a huge day in the calendar.

Adults and kids really enjoy it, and Halloween parties are very common where in recent memory they were rare.

Because of the demand we at Peeks are happy to supply everything that is required, and we have a massive range of products available. Our biggest ever range, in fact.

So for all your fancy dress costumes and scene setting backdrops it has to be Peeks.

Browse our website or visit out massive party store in Christchurch, Dorset, to see our full range.

We have cauldrons and candelabras, clever smoke effect machines, crazy toilet seat grabbers and scary Halloween window stickers.

We have fake blood and bats, witches’ brooms and witches’ hats, skeletons and skulls, garlic garlands and other gruesome gear.

There are wigs and gloves, vampires and ghouls, spiders and balloons, curses and hearses - and we even have a blood-splattered back-drop.

This year we have a moving zombie with light and sound that will leave you so scared you’ll be calling for mummy. And we have those too!

  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

Patriotic Peeks and our Royal bunting

Patriotic Peeks and our Royal bunting

For the third year in a row we have seem patriotic bunting and flags fly out of our premises because of Royal occasions.

This year of course we’ve had the Royal baby, last year it was the Jubilee and the year before that it was the Royal wedding.

In the last six weeks or so we’ve seen sales soar – and not just in the UK.

Patriotic ex-pats in Canada and Australia have been buying red, white and blue bunting in preparation for the birth of the future King.

The military has also been stocking up, to help servicemen and women celebrate where ever they are in the world.

Sales of our patriotic goods were up 25 per cent in the last six weeks compared with an average year.

Royal supporters are not having street parties as they did for the Jubilee, but instead are having house parties.

Street parties are too difficult to organise when no one knows when the day will be!

Pubs and hotels are also theming events around the birth and our union flags and bunting will help set the scenes.

We’ve been lucky with the number of Royal events recently, and hopefully we’ll have more in the years to come.

We hope that Kate and Wills will have another baby - and we’re all waiting for the day when Prince Harry ties the knot!

But rest assured, whatever the occasion Peeks is ready to supply everything to celebrate it.

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