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  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

We love our customers!

We love our customers!

A red rose and wine,

A peck on the cheek,

For my Valentine,

I’m off down to Peeks!

It is the time of year when couples pucker up and head to Peeks for all their Valentine goodies.

At our giant party store we have all those romantic items that will be sure to get the blood pumping.

February 14 is a date in the calendar that ladies love to embrace, and men would be foolish not to!

So whether there are just two of you, or you’re throwing a Valentine Party, we have everything you need.

We have roses and tableware, inflatable luscious lips and decorations galore. There are balloons and banners, roses, hearts and confetti.

So don’t be stupid, embrace little cupid.

Peeks facts:

  • In Saudi Arabia Valentine’s Day is banned, and there is a thriving black market for roses and wrapping paper.
  • February 14 is associated with various Valentines, but the two main characters are Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni.
  • In Norfolk, a character called 'Jack' Valentine knocks on the rear door of houses leaving sweets and presents for children.

  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

Weigh anchor, unfurl the mainsail - and head for Peeks!

Weigh anchor, unfurl the mainsail - and head for Peeks!

Everyone’s favourite party supplier has smuggled a ship full of treasure and unloaded it at Party Island. All party-poopers were made to walk the plank so only the jolliest Rogers remain. Now the pirate party treasure is available to all – so everyone can be a buccaneer and party like it’s the 17th century. The company based in Christchurch, Dorset, can provide all that is necessary to turn any space into the deck of a pirate ship.

Costumes are available to transform the most staid guests into black beards and buxom wenches. Wigs, cutlasses and eye patches are all available from Peeks, the pirate party specialists. Balloons and bunting, pistols and parrots, beards and barrels – all contraband can be bought from the firm’s website or its giant party store. Buy a bicorn hat or a skull and crossbones flag and turn your home into the Black Pig.

Derring-do on the high seas can be recreated anywhere thanks to Peeks and its huge stock of products. It won’t cost you a piece of eight to put on a pirate party – just remember that X marks the spot. And the spot is Peeks.

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