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  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

Teddy boy’s cancer legacy

Teddy boy’s cancer legacy

A ‘win a costume’ competition held by Peeks the party people was won by a dad who is using the prize to raise money for a cancer charity he launched in memory of his son.

Owen Newton, from Blandford, set up Teddy20 following the death of his youngest son Ted, aged 10.

When he saw that Peeks’ Facebook competition was giving away a mascot costume he entered - and won a giant Teddy outfit.

He now uses it as the face of the charity that has grown quickly since 2010 and raised well over £110,000.

Peeks, based in Christchurch, asked entrants to explain how they would use a mascot costume and Owen’s story won the day.

Owen said: “We really needed a costume for the charity and when I saw that Peeks were giving one away I thought ‘blow me down’.

“I entered and won a huge teddy costume which we use when we’re out raising money.

“The kids absolutely love it and we’re so pleased because it’s a really good quality one and raises awareness of the charity.”

Nick Peek, managing director of Peeks, said: “We’re delighted that this prize is being used for such a good cause.

“Peeks has been selling products for fundraising since the 1940s and it is still an important part of the business.

“We sell collecting buckets and tins, raffle tickets, sideshow games, prizes and all manner of accessories that help people raise money for good causes.”

The Teddy20 charity was named after Ted and also because the first fundraiser was a Twenty20 cricket match at Blandford CC where dad Owen plays. It is now an annual event.

The charity also holds a Teddy Rocks music festival as well as other events throughout the year.

  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

St George Sales Boost

St George Sales Boost

We anticipate that sales of St George flags ahead of England’s national day on April 23 are likely to be higher than any previous year.

Sales are shooting up because England are also playing in the World Cup this summer.

Pubs, hotels, businesses and individuals are ordering tens of thousands of St George-themed goods to use on both occasions.

Already sales of St George goods have outstripped those of St Patrick, usually the biggest seller of all the home nations’ saints.

When England reach the finals of major football tournaments sales of the St George-themed goods always rise sharply.

Nick Peek said: “Sales of St George flags have been rising for nine or ten years.

“St George’s Day has grown into a far larger event than it used to be and the English seem more at home celebrating their Englishness.

“In a year when England are also in the finals of a football tournament sales explode. We anticipate that we’ll sell more St George Cross goods this year than ever before.

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