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  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

St George - a day to remember

St George - a day to remember

St George – a day to remember

He might have been Turkish and never visited England, but St George has never been more popular.

The slaying of a dragon and rescuing of an innocent maiden might have been medieval myths, but it is the myths who have made the man.

And so popular is the 3rd century saint that it is not just the English who have taken him to their hearts.

He is also the patron saint of Georgia, the City of Moscow, Catalonia, Ethiopia, and even Beirut in Lebanon – as well as plenty of other locations.

St George is the patron saint of Scouting and as a soldier he is held in high esteem by many armies around the world.

The red cross on a white background is a symbol that has been regained by the moderate majority who wish to celebrate their English saint.

And thankfully, Peeks has everything you will need for the big day – April 23; flags, banners, balloons, hats, costumes, wigs, party packs and much, much more.

While it is not a bank holiday yet, April 23 has become over the last few years a day that rivals St Patrick’s Day.

It was also the day when Shakespeare was born – and died.

And as the great playwright might have written: “Cry 'God for Peeks! England and Saint George!'”

  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

Take a new peek at Peeks

Take a new peek at Peeks

Potential customers of Peeks’ giant party store in Christchurch, Dorset, can now have a look around without leaving their homes.
They can take an online virtual tour of the vast premises packed full of everyone’s favourite party products.
Thanks to 360 degree camera technology it’s now possible to peruse the products lining the shelves - from a computer.
The vast 8,200 square feet store in Reid Street has eight isles, an exhibition foyer and large lobby area.
Peeks is one of the biggest party supply companies in the country and is encouraging people to have a look around online.
Hugh Lambert, whose company 360 Dorset took thousands of photos to make the tour on Google Business View a reality, said: “This is certainly one of the most colourful interiors we’ve done.
“The scale of Peeks’ party store will surprise anyone who has never been – and they really do have something for all occasions.
“We take thousands of photographs from all over the store then knit them together so someone at home can browse the isles.”
Nick Peek, managing director of Peeks, said: “We thought this would be an all-round good idea.
“Our party store is huge and this will enable people to see what a large range we have.
“We hope it encourages people to come and visit in person or at least have a look at our website.”
The store can be viewed here

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