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  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

Be a Sport!

Be a Sport!

Here at Peeks we are busy preparing for two major sporting events – the Ashes and the Rugby World Cup.

With no footballers to disappoint us this summer we are instead focusing on other sports.

The cricket series against Australia is a fantastic opportunity to hold a party to get into the spirit of things.

The England team’s away supporters – the legendary ‘Barmy Army’ - built up their reputation by following the team even though they were hopeless and got beaten around the world.

So there is no excuse not to have an ‘Ashes’ party and Peeks has all the bunting, banners and flags you will require.

After the summer of cricket comes the Rugby World Cup – and there is even a chance that some of the home nations could do well!

With England’s games kicking off at 8pm it is an ideal opportunity for people to make the most of it and hold a party.

We will be stocking all the flags and necessary items to take advantage of this tournament whether you watch the games at home, a pub, restaurant or hotel.

The tournament takes place in England and it is anticipated that it will add over £2bn to the home economy.

It will attract nearly half a million visitors to these shores and if the home nations progress to the latter stages the games will become ‘must-see’ national events.

  • Ed Baker
  • Ed Baker

St George - a day to remember

St George - a day to remember

St George – a day to remember

He might have been Turkish and never visited England, but St George has never been more popular.

The slaying of a dragon and rescuing of an innocent maiden might have been medieval myths, but it is the myths who have made the man.

And so popular is the 3rd century saint that it is not just the English who have taken him to their hearts.

He is also the patron saint of Georgia, the City of Moscow, Catalonia, Ethiopia, and even Beirut in Lebanon – as well as plenty of other locations.

St George is the patron saint of Scouting and as a soldier he is held in high esteem by many armies around the world.

The red cross on a white background is a symbol that has been regained by the moderate majority who wish to celebrate their English saint.

And thankfully, Peeks has everything you will need for the big day – April 23; flags, banners, balloons, hats, costumes, wigs, party packs and much, much more.

While it is not a bank holiday yet, April 23 has become over the last few years a day that rivals St Patrick’s Day.

It was also the day when Shakespeare was born – and died.

And as the great playwright might have written: “Cry 'God for Peeks! England and Saint George!'”

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