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Pack of 50 Pipe Cleaners

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Foot Golf Including Tennis Balls

A dynamic fast paced mixture of football and golf! It can be played anywhere and with as many obstacles in the way as you see fit! Position the markers similar to a golf course, start at number 1. Each player in turn kicks their tennis ball towards the marker keeping score as they kick. The winner is the person who has taken the fewest kicks to hit all the markers! Game includes 7 markers and 4 tennis balls Game contains: 4 Tennis Balls (Please make sure they can each be easily identified) 7 Numbered Marker Stands 1 Scorecard OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS A great game for up to 4 people or 2 groups (up to 8 people who then take alternative kicks). Foot golf is a mixture of football and golf. It can be played anywhere and the players designate the type of course, rules and the start point before the game begins. All you have to do then is determine how to space out the numbered Marker Stands from 1 to 7. According to the shape of your course you may wish to use Marker Stand 1 as the starting point to reach Marker Stand 2 and so on. Alternatively if you have a circular course you could use the same starting point for all Marker Stands. Each player (or group) takes it in turn to kick the tennis ball and tries to strike the Marker Stand according to the numbered order. Every player records the number of kicks they take in each round to hit the Marker Stand, and the winner is the player with the lowest aggregated number of kicks when all the numbered Marker Stands have been hit. You might want to base the order of play on the score of the previous hole, so that the player with the highest score will kick off first followed by the second, etc. If there is a dead heat, you may wish to play an additional round (or rounds) to determine the winner. For this playoff you could play towards Marker Stand 1 again or change the course. Alternatively the game can be played by scoring only the number of rounds won and not the aggregated number of kicks. The player with the highest number of goals will be the winner. You may stipulate that the Marker Stand must have fallen over to count as a goal, the winner being the player with the most goals. To make the game more exciting different variations can be played such as: Players may only kick with their weaker” foot. Place obstacles around each Marker Stand to avoid direct long shots. The player whose tennis ball is farthest from the Marker Stand after the first kick is the first to take the next kick (this may result in an opponent's ball being in direct line from the Marker Stand). The question then is do you try and knock your opponent's ball out of the way or will this have a detrimental effect of the final position of the kickers ball? Play in wellington boots! Before taking a kick the player must spin around quickly 4 times ENJOY THE GAME!

A4 Playing Cards

Play your cards right with this fun Full Pack of Gigantic Playing Cards, measure 28cm x 20.5cm