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Glimmer Blue Contact Lenses

REF: XET82061

We’ve found these contact lenses are a real hit at fancy dress parties, they give you and your costumes that extra WOW factor! We strongly recommend you purchase a Contact Lens Solution Set with every set of contact lenses purchased. These lenses will be usable for 3 months from the time you open the packaging.

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We've found these contact lenses are a real hit at fancy dress parties, they give you and your costumes that extra WOW factor! We strongly recommend you purchase a Contact Lens Solution Set with every set of contact lenses purchased. These lenses will be usable for 3 months from the time you open the packaging.

Here are some helpful "Do's and Don'ts" when wearing your lenses:

Wash your hands with soap prior to handling your lenses – non-perfumed anti-bacterial liquid soap dispensers are preferable to bars of soap, which can be contaminated more easily
Thoroughly rinse off all soap to avoid contamination and then dry your hands on a lint-free towel to prevent getting lint on the lenses
Use oil-free and fragrance-free eye makeup
Use water-resistant mascara and eyeliner to prevent flaking and smudging
Make sure the lens is fully immersed in the solution (click through to Max Optifresh solution). Never use lenses unless fully hydrated (wet) in solution (click through to Max Optifresh solution)
Always clean & disinfect lenses before re-insertion into the eye
Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses after each use
Replace lenses if they become damaged / scratched or if they have deposits which cannot be removed. Handle lenses with your finger tips and be careful to avoid contact with your finger nails.
Call your optician if you have any redness, pain, swelling or irritation, pain, burning sensation, excessive watering, increasingly blurred vision, coloured haloes around light sources and / or sensitivity
Visit your eye-care practitioner regularly for a routine check-up

Use tap water or saliva to wet your lenses or lens case
Wear makeup or put in your lenses if your eyes are swollen, red or infected
Go to bed with a painful red eye - seek advice immediately
Allow lotions, soaps, creams, deodorants, hair sprays & cosmetics (especially metallic powders) to come in contact with the lenses. They can cause an eye infection or irritation
Re-use disinfecting solution – discard and replace with fresh solution (click through to Max Optifresh solution) each time lenses are stored
Wear your lenses longer than advised and never sleep in them
Use mascara with 'lash-building fibres' as they can damage your lenses
Use your lenses for swimming or water sports, unless wearing goggles
Expose your lenses to excessive heat

Lens Case Care
Your lens case needs to be just as clean as your lenses, after all they spend a lot of time soaking in them. Please follow our basic but essential lens case care instructions:-
After you’ve inserted your lenses, empty your case of solution (click through to Max Optifresh solution)
Regularly rinse your case with fresh disinfecting solution (click through to Max Optifresh solution) and leave to air dry on a daily basis (microbes cannot multiply in dry conditions)
Replace your cases frequently – monthly is ideal

Inserting your lens
First check the lens is the right way out.
Once you have opened the lens package, removed and examined the lens you need to then check that the lens is correctly oriented.
There are three methods to check if the lens is oriented the right way.
Method 1 - The Half ball - Place the lens on your index finger, raise it up to your eye level and look at it side ways. If the lens sits proud on your finger to show the curve of a half ball then the lenses is oriented the right way. If it looks like the lens is sitting slightly into your finger then this is the wrong way out. Please ensure that the lens is not sitting in solution as this can distort the view. (Image of the lens example)
Method 2 - The flare - place the lens on the finger and lift it to be directly in front of your eyes. If when you look at the side profile of the lens that the lens edge appears almost straight up so that a cup is formed, then it is the right way out. If inside out, the edges will flare out slightly at the top i.e. make sure it looks like half a ball and not a soup bowl with a rim. (Image of the lens with the flare)
Method 3 - The Squeeze - Another method is to gently squeeze the lens between the thumb and forefinger. The edges should turn inward. If the lens is inside out, the edges will turn slightly outward.

Don’t panic if you place the contact lens in your eye the wrong way out. If after the lens has been inserted for about 30 seconds, you still find it to be uncomfortable i.e. scratchy or find that the eyes are watering, remove the lens and orient it the right way before inserting again.

  • Apply make-up after inserting your lenses
  • Remove the right eye’s lens from the storage case and rinse your lens with solution to remove any trace of debris (mucus and film from the lens surface). If you are using a new lens simply take them out of the package, no solution is needed.
  • Place the lens on the tip of your forefinger using the preferred hand (i.e. are you right or left handed?) making sure that the lens oriented the right way.
  • Place the middle finger of the same hand close to your lower lid and pull the lower lid down. Then pull the eyelid upwards with the middle finger of the other hand so you won’t blink
  • Look straight ahead and gently place the lens on your eye, not pressing too hard. (Ensure the eye is open wide and the eye lid is not blinking as it will hinder the path to the eye)
  • When the lens is on the eye gently release the lid and close your eye for a moment…and then blink. The lens will centre itself automatically. Please note that the lens can never be lost in your eye
  • Do not re-centre the lens with your finger on the lens. Instead use your eyelid to move and reposition the lens
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes after you have inserted lenses as this can irritate the eye or dislodge the lens
  • Avoid touching lenses with your finger nails. Make sure your finger nails are short & smooth
  • Repeat procedure for your other eye’s lens
  • Check to be sure that the lens is centred by covering the other eye. If your vision is crisp and clear then the lens is in place

CAUTION – Always ask yourself three questions, each time you wear your lenses:
Do my eyes look good? - no redness
Do my lenses feel good in my eyes – no discomfort
Do I see well? – no unusual blurring

If the answer to any of the questions is ‘no’, remove the lenses immediately. If you experience any irritation having removed the lenses contact your eye care practitioner immediately.

Removing lenses
Remove make-up before removing lenses
Wash your hands as described in the ‘Do’s’ section.
There are two recommended methods of lens removal: the Pinch Method and Forefinger and Thumb Method.

Pinch Method:
1. Look up; slide the lens to the lower part of the eye using the forefinger.
2. Gently pinch the lens between the thumb and forefinger.
3. Remove the lens.

Forefinger and Thumb Method:
1. Place your hand or towel under your eye to catch the lens.
2. Place your forefinger on the center of the upper lid and your thumb on the center of the lower lid.
3. Press in and force a blink and the lens should fall onto your hand or the towel
With both removal methods, you must then remove the other lens by following the same procedure and then follow the required lens care procedures (Cleaning, Rinsing, Disinfecting, Storage and Rewetting/ Lubricating the lens).

CAUTION: Always be sure the lens is on the cornea before attempting to remove it. Determine this by covering the other eye. If vision is blurred, the lens is either on the white part of the eye or it is not on the eye at all. To locate the lens, inspect the upper area of the eye by looking down into a mirror while pulling the upper lid up. Then, inspect the lower area by pulling the lower lid down. If the lens does not move on the eye then put a few drops of the lens solution into the eye to lubricate it.

Contact Lens solution
It is always best to use the manufacturers recommended solution for storing and cleaning your lenses.
Fashion Accessory Lenses
For safe contact lens wear, you should know and always practice your lens care routine. If you feel that you cannot adhere to a recommended care regimen for your lenses, or are unable to place and remove lenses or have someone available to place and remove them, you should not attempt to purchase and wear contact lenses.
All lenses are European CE Approved and ISO 9001 manufactured

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